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How To Grow A Little Bit Taller
Hello people of the universe, I had to share with you what I belive could be the coolest idea on the planet every thought of by mankind. Ok it might not be that great but it certanly could be something worth thinking about and maybe even trying out. I was thinking the other day, imagine if we could train ourselves to sleep upside down. Could we do that? If this was possible then I think this would how to grow taller by doing this. It is said that if you hang off a bar for about 10 minutes a day then you will actually be making yourself taller within a few weeks. Imagine if you were hanging off a bar for 7 hours every night. You may think that the blood would rush to your head after a few minutes and it would be impossible to fall asleep like that but I think it must be possible seeing as people spend the whole day standing up, why cant we spend the night upside down and the blood get pumped around the body that way? Obviously we evolved stand up so our body are probably used to standing but what if we could get used to sleeping upside down. I am quite sure that if this was possible then you would find yourself being a lot taler. People are also taller in the morning than they are in the evening due to lieing down for so long. Children who get more sleep will be taller than children who don’t get a lot of sleep. So A child or person who get 7 hours a day being stretched because they are hanging from a bar, will probably be taller than someone who sleeps normally. It is also probably true that if we spent our lives standing up whilst we were sleeping then we would probably be shorter people than most. It could be one of those things that no body will ever know about because they would give up after a day or two but perhaps if I can build the right contraption then I can do it for my self and post the results on this blog. I would probably have to do this for a few good weeks before realising weather it worked or not. Maybe it won’t work but I think it is worth a shot at. This kind of stuff probably will enable you to get taller There also a few other things I have read about that can make you taller which I will be linking to on this blog incase you find it interesting. The other things look a lot easier to try out than hanging upside down like a maniac but I am going to try this anyway incase it beats all the other things you can do. Perhaps it could be very healthy too to be lying upside down. Head stands are good for because they give you heart a rest. The heart will still have to pump blood to my feet so I don’t know how it is a rest but I suppose the main thing is that you head gets enough blood. So I am going to try this out a keep you all posted of any progress and other things. Until then.